Our goal at DENTISTHESIA is to provide the safest, highest quality anesthesia care available in the office setting allowing dentists to focus solely on their patients and dentistry. Our board-certified/eligible dentist anesthesiologists have special training in providing office-based anesthesia in a dental setting. We have a thorough understanding of the procedures and knowledge of the intricacies of the dental operatory. We provide another set of eyes and ears from a "dental perspective" to support the dentist during the surgical procedures.

Simply present the option of sedation to the patient and our office will handle the rest! Our anesthesiologist and his staff will personally contact your patient to complete a thorough pre-op questionnaire, address any questions or concerns as well as give instructions regarding NPO status and other anesthesia protocols. Once the patient is ready to schedule, our office will coordinate with your office. We offer appointments seven (7) days a week. Contact us at 281.770.1875 or Dentisthesia@gmail.com.

The Benefits:

  • Increased Revenue - Keep your patients in your office. DENTISTHESIA will eliminate the need to refer your patients out to a surgery center or hospital. We bring hospital grade anesthesia to your office at no cost to you.
  • Zero Overhead - From our state-of-the-art monitors to anesthesia machines, we provide everything your patient may need in regards to their dental anesthesia. As stated above, you simply present the option for anesthesia and we take care of the rest.
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction - Your patients love you and your office! They would much rather have you, as their trusted dentist, take care of their dental needs, rather than being referred to a new provider in an unfamiliar setting. DENTISTHESIA keeps you both where you are most comfortable and eliminates the need to refer your patients out to another dentist/hospital/surgery-center.
  • Insurance and Peace of Mind - We eliminate your sedation liability by carrying our own malpractice insurance that covers all anesthesia related services. We are credentialed with the State of Texas to provide all levels of sedation and general anesthesia. In addition, we have a “portability” feature that allows us to provide anesthesia services anywhere in the state. Furthermore, our staff are ACLS/PALS certified.
  • Office Audit - For all our clients, we perform a complimentary in-office audit to ensure that your office is in compliance with the State of Texas. This service will prevent your office from incurring the penalties or fees from the state for any possible delinquencies. In addition, we can provide BLS/CPR education for your auxiliary staff as needed.