We strive to provide the safest and highest quality anesthesia care for your dental needs. We are an experienced team of medical professionals who will take care of you and monitor your well-being from the moment you are in the dental chair until you are ready to be discharged.

"My goal is to provide you with the best anesthesia experience possible, ensuring your safety and comfort while in the familiarity of your dentist’s chair." - Dr. Ilustre


When was the last time you took your child to the dentist’s office and treatment could not be performed because your child would not cooperate out of fear or pain? Or treatment could not be completed because your child failed an oral sedation? Never again will this have to be the case. With DENTISTHESIA, we focus on your child and his safety and comfort during the entire dental procedure, from the pre-op assessment to the moment you leave the office.

Pediatric patients benefit the most, should they require sedation. Kids are extremely resilient and they recover from sedation much quicker than adults. Furthermore, they will have almost no recollection of the procedures performed while they were sedated. By using our in-office anesthesia services, your child will have a more pleasant experience which, in turn, will give you peace of mind. In fact, the procedure begins only after you child is sedated. From taking x-rays to cleaning to performing the necessary treatments, all can be completed in one dental visit.

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Patients with Special Needs

This population is one of the most under-served in the nation and clinically, is very diverse. Patients with special needs, such as those with autism and those with developmental delays, have limited access to care as some dentists are not familiar and/or not prepared for treating this population. Our anesthesiologists have experience and training in taking care of patients with special needs and can coordinate with your dentist about their treatment plan inclusive of any necessary requirements.

The following are the most common appointments for patients with special needs:

  1. Recall appointment only:  For patients who cannot receive any dental treatment without sedation, we offer routine appointments in the dental office for cleanings and x-rays. These appointments are for prophylactic purposes only along with treatment planning. This can be scheduled on the days that we are already at your dentist’s office. These appointments require a follow-up visit for completion of treatment.
  2. Scheduled Sedation Appointments:  For patients with known treatment plans, we offer regular scheduled sedation appointments for a specific period of time. The treatment time and costs can be estimated based on your dental treatment plan prior to your appointment.
  3. Special Needs Open Appointment:  Some patients want all the diagnostic and treatment planning done in one appointment. For these patients, we can schedule an "open" appointment. Your dental health care provider will complete all diagnostic evaluations while the patient is under sedation and then complete as much treatment as possible in that one appointment.

For a list of Dentists in your area who work with patients with special needs and also offer IV-Sedation, please contact DENTISTHESIA at 281.770.1875 to speak with our staff.

The Adult Patient

Many adult patients have stayed away from the dental office either due to severe dental phobias or a complex medical history which places dental health low on their list of priorities. We understand your fear and will try our best to change your perception of the dental visit. We strive to make you as comfortable as possible. It is our goal to help the adult patient take care of their dental needs in the comfort of their dentist’s office where often times, the entire treatment plan can be completed in just one visit.

We, at DENTISTHESIA, are committed to your safety and comfort and are ready to help you to better dental health!

Our anesthesiologist and nursing staff will be using state-of-the-art monitors and equipment to continuously observe and assess your well-being throughout the entire procedure. These are in compliance with the standards set forth by the American Society of Anesthesiologist. These equipment include: a NIBP (non-invasive blood pressure), a pulse oximeter (oxygen saturation of blood), an EKG (heart rate and rhythm), a thermometer probe for body temperature, and capnography to monitor end-tidal CO2.

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We look forward to serving you and supporting your dental health in comfort!